Monday, July 25, 2011

Mighty K Update

Aside other side projects galore, we are currently constructing tracks for a split release with Jack Hertz to be released on Cohort Records (Release Date TBA). Copies of our Cultivation Series Volume 1 are still available, sorry no trades at this time as this is a limited series. If you want something for free, feel free to download the two latest M. Peck releases Bodies To The Sky and Beneath Forever or his latest EP from his new project TIDAL. Enjoy.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mystery Hearsay in Vital Weekly

Bred from runoff and debris from the great Mississippi River, Mystery Hearsay's audio wasteland has a common theme of unbridled creativity and strangulated frequency fetish. Those familiar with the early underground cassette trade have known this for years, those that are new to the name are in for a treat, because this is just Phase 1 of what's to come.

Vital Weekly 789

MYSTERY HEARSAY - FLESH TOMB (CD by Monochrome Vision)

Whereas Factor X was even bootlegged in recent years - always a mark of long lasting quality - Mystery Hearsay wasn't. No lesser quality however from this hometaper - as the lingo of the day was - also known as Mike Honeycutt. He went on to produce other things later on, such as Mystery X, Mystery Iguana, but Mystery Hearsay seemed to have gathered dust. This CD, in fact a re-issue of a tape release called 'Flesh Tomb' plus bonus material from a net release from 2007 (which is which is not clear from the cover). Without wanting to say much about the quality of the music, the quality of the recording is of an entirely nature than the Factor X one, i.e. something that seems at least more professional. One of those typical mid-80s things was the arrival of what was called 'ambient industrial': music that was too loud to fully downright ambient, but also not loud enough to be classified as industrial. Hence ambient industrial and that's exactly the field of Mystery Hearsay's music. Lots of guitar/synth manipulations, along with percussive, metallic sounds and tons of sound effects to manipulate them. Like with a lot of these 80s things its not the composition that counts but the mood created, so it sometimes gets off the rails and takes a bit too much time to be fully interesting. But this is another great reminder of the young FdW at home listening to tapes, and one who fully forgot that Mystery Hearsay was actually a great band. Long forgotten, 
but thankfully resurrected.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Honeycutt Featured on No Pigeonholes EXP

The weekly podcast hosted by Don Campau recently featured several tracks from Mike Honeycutt/Mystery Hearsay. Check it out Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cultivation Packaging

As we've mentioned previously, the packaging for the latest K. release "Cultivation Series Volume 1" is handmade. The CDR's are full color thermal printed, and the inlay is laser printed 80lb. stock. The disc is attached to an adhesive hub to keep it from sliding around and scratching the precious, all housed in an ultra clear poly bag. Copies of this are limited, so get in touch to get yourself a copy before they run out.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cultivation Series Vol. 1 Now Available for shipping

Waiting World Records is proud to announce Cultivation Series Volume 1 from the post-industrial/dark ambient outfit Kuwahara (Mike Honeycutt and M. Peck) is now available.
Unlike many sophomore releases, this 45 minute slab of gnarled soundscapes and shimmering audio poetics are remixes of the tracks featured on the groups highly acclaimed debut HoneyCult.
Cultivation Series Volume 1 features remixes from some of today's most notable sound artists and standouts in their genres with offerings from WILT, Steve Brand, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Andrew Lagowski and two previously unreleased tracks from Kuwahara. Make no mistake, these are not just rehashed renditions of the original tracks and come off as something entirely new to the listener. Each artist left their own mark on the tracks leaving the release as a whole, a very fluid and coherent offering, albeit jaundiced and decrepit, this album reeks of brilliance in a most progressive manner.
This release comes packaged with full color artwork and full color CDr housed in a ultra clear poly bag. Please send $10 (includes S/H to mpeckmusic (@) gmail dot com to order yours today.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cultivation Series Update

Currently, we are awaiting the arrival of the discs which should be here no later than 01/19/2011. If you want to make a pre-order, please hold off and I will post when the discs are in and the packaging is complete. This limited edition release will be available later this month, without a doubt. If you have any questions regarding orders, distro, etc. feel free to contact us at mpeckmusic (at) gmail dot com.